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Winner Announcement - 26th April 2020

With over 100 entries received from talented designers across Pakistan and overseas, the decision to pick one winner has truly been challenging and indeed a tough one for us. After a series of reviews based on originality, creative design, manufacturing practicality and product wearability, we are pleased to announce Minal Pervez as the proud winner of our DIY Jewelry Contest 2020

about the winner


Minal Pervez, a recent graduate in Textile Design from the Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi, completed her dissertation on 'Fusion of Ornamental and Textile Jewelry' and explored unusual textile forms and techniques in her thesis. Her background in textile design and her recent thesis inspired her to design ornamental jewelry for the very first time for this contest. 

Iyana Jewelry Studio is proud to showcase Minal's design as an inspiration for other budding designers in Pakistan. Minal's design will be manufactured by our team and gifted to her, and it will also be named after her and featured on our online store.

Congratulations Minal!

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